Jordanian minister underlines strong cultural relations between Jordan, Qatar
January 22 2022 09:53 PM
HE Sheikh Abdulrahman bin Hamad al-Thani with Haifa al-Najjar
HE Sheikh Abdulrahman bin Hamad al-Thani with Haifa al-Najjar


Jordanian Minister of Culture Haifa al-Najjar has underlined that the cultural co-operation between Qatar and Jordan strengthens further the common political positions and the culture of the two countries, which contributes to presenting an exceptional model in the bilateral relations at various levels; and enables the two countries to be at the forefront of the Arab cultural action that is effective both at the Arab and international levels.

Haifa al-Najjar stressed the importance of establishing a sustainable cultural relationship between the two countries in order to enhance cultural exchange.

In an interview with Qatar News Agency (QNA) during her visit to Doha, the minister highlighted the special relationship between Qatar and Jordan, noting that both countries share many similarities, most importantly the firm position towards major Arab issues, the geopolitical relationship, the solidity of both countries, the common Arab and Islamic civilization, and the joint belief in pluralism.
She stressed the importance of strengthening the cultural partnership between the two countries, praising the outcome of her visit and her meeting with HE the Minister of Culture Sheikh Abdulrahman bin Hamad al-Thani.
She noted that the meeting discussed means of promoting the cultural partnership, and that the outcome of this meeting would be translated on the ground through joint cultural programmes, most importantly the participation of Qatar's Ministry of Culture in a cultural week within the framework of the "Irbid — the Arab Capital of Culture" activities, adding that HE the Minister of Culture of Qatar was invited to attend the event.
The Jordanian minister also stressed the importance of establishing a sustainable cultural relationship between the two countries in order to enhance cultural exchange.
She noted plans to hold concerts at Katara Cultural Village and theatrical performances at Qatar National Theatre, adding: "We want the culture of the State of Qatar to be present in Irbid, the capital of culture 2022, because Irbid has cultural components, related to the objectives of the Qatari culture."
She stressed the endeavour to build relationships and effective partnerships with Doha at the level of translation and publishing in various fields, especially for children, in addition to providing libraries in Amman and Doha with various intellectual creations.
Commending the cultural movement and the level of cultural infrastructure after her visit to a number of cultural institutions in Doha, the minister underlined that Qatar has an exceptional vision in which there is a lot of awareness, diligence and the ability to predict the future.
At the same time, it presents a wonderful model in adhering to the Arab and Islamic customs and traditions, noting that the cultural movement in Qatar clearly shows the national identity project in the country, in a way that enhances the Qatari person's citizenship, pride and dignity.
She said that Doha International Book Fair represents an exceptional model in terms of organisation and in terms of the quantity and quality of books displayed, noting that Jordan was a partner in this cultural celebration through the participation of 36 Jordanian publishing houses.
She praised the interest of Qatar's Ministry of Culture and HE the Minister of Culture in the book fair in a comprehensive way, noting that the exhibition was not only for selling books, but rather to provide titles that enlighten the reader.
She pointed to an integration between the elements of culture in the book fair, as there was photography and plastic art, as well as music and various intellectual activities, which increased the cultural momentum.
The minister added that the cultural structure in Qatar shows the State's interest in culture and the link between tourism and culture at the same time.
The Cultural Village Foundation — Katara, is a model for a cultural and tourist village that includes all areas of creativity and everything related to cultural manifestations such as art and music.
There is a wonderful cultural infrastructure of theatres, studios, creative industries, design and filmmaking, as well as the aesthetics of tourism.
She said that Qatar Museums have their own distinctiveness, noting that she has visited many museums around the world, but her visit to the National Museum of Qatar gave her the story of Qatar, as the museum stems from the spirit of Qatar and has gone beyond the traditional form of museum exhibition, with all its educational and cultural activities.
The museum has a beautiful blend of museum action and the use of technology, which deserves appreciation and admiration.

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