Omicron is 4 times prevalent than Delta variant: Dr. Al-Maslamani
January 12 2022 11:58 PM
Dr Muna al-Maslamani
Dr Muna al-Maslamani


The prevalence of the Omicron variant of the coronavirus is 4 times greater than that of the Delta variant, Dr Muna al-Maslamani, Medical Director of the Communicable Disease Center at Hamad Medical Corporation, has pointed out.
For Omicron, the occurrence of symptoms appears only within the first three days, while Delta's symptoms appear after 4 days, Dr. Al-Maslamani added while talking on the similarities and differences between the symptoms of the Omicron mutant and the rest of the strains of the Corona virus, in a programme on Qatar TV Wednesday.
Symptoms of the original strain and that of the Delta are similar. But Omicron has similarities and differences. The similarity is that it causes fever, headache, cough, fatigue and muscle aches, asthenia, fatigue, and severe exhaustion. Delta and the original strain cause infections in the lower respiratory tract.
Omicron mainly causes congestion in the pharynx and makes it itchy like a person with allergies, plus a dry and very strong cough and of course asthenia, Dr. Al-Maslamani said.
The fatigue that people struck by Omicron talking about is different from that of the Delta and the original strain, she added.

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