Ministry of Commerce and Industry introduces new services within distributors’ supply programme
April 14 2021 11:14 PM

The Ministry of Commerce and Industry has announced the introduction of new services within the distributors’ supply programme, through the supply services platform available on its website.
This initiative comes as part of the ministry's efforts to continue its digital transformation and electronic service development, as well as meeting distributors’ needs, and enabling them to complete their transactions electronically without the need to refer back to MoCI’s Supply and Strategic Inventory Department.
The e-services introduced to the distributors’ supply programme include Smart Card Reader System application, renewal of distributor license, and updating the distributor information.
The Smart Card Reader System application includes services such as: Dispensing supplies using the ration card via the distributor's computer; providing a daily report of distributors’ sales (showing distributors’ daily sales and sold quantities); providing a report of unsold quantities (showing remaining quantities in distributors’ inventories and outlets); dispensing materials via the mobile application (includes mobile purchases from the distributor's outlet).
The Smart Card Reader System application further includes a user management service, which allows the distributor to set up a user account on the programme’s system, but with limited competencies and in line with food supply services.
It also includes a service to cancel the purchase process, which allows cancellation of the purchase process within two hours of its initiation.
The distributor can cancel the purchase of food supplies and fodder in the event any error occurs during this process, such as: dispensing oil instead of milk or ordering a quantity that is less or more than the required one.
Moreover, the Smart Card Reader System provides a report of materials purchased by the distributor and that were not received from the ministry's inventories.
It also provides a report of the sales that were made through the mobile application but were not received (shows the quantities that were purchased through the mobile application but were not received from the distributor's outlet).
The service of renewing the distributor's license includes renewing the annual license for the sale of food and fodder supplies, one month before the expiry of the license, and upon approval of the application by the department concerned.
The distributor info update service enables the commercial registry and license information to be updated through the program, along with attaching a copy of the required documents. The user can also update his contact information (e-mail address, phone number), or change the manager-in-charge.
The Ministry of Commerce and Industry previously introduced a set of new e-services to the electronic supply services programme. The initiative in question included nine new services divided into three categories, namely: issuance services, modification and update services, and distributor services.
This step follows the previously introduced services, which include: viewing the list of approved distributors, changing the Tamween (supply) card password, and services related to the Tamween card information, i.e. data, the register of supplies disbursement, and the monthly allowance.
The total number of supply e-services provided by the Ministry of Commerce and Industry has thus risen to 24.

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