Punarjani Qatar, a beacon of light for Indian community
January 15 2021 08:52 PM
A wheelchair-bound patient was repatriated recently by Punarjani Qatar.
A wheelchair-bound patient was repatriated recently by Punarjani Qatar.

* Punarjani Qatar, a philanthropic community organisation affiliated with Indian Community Benevolent Forum (ICBF) has been at the forefront of helping the needy

Punarjani Qatar, a philanthropic community organisation affiliated with Indian Community Benevolent Forum (ICBF) has been at the forefront helping the needy and low-income members of Indian community in the country.
They have been providing medical, legal and financial assistance and support for the past several years.
“We are committed to the service of our community. Our volunteers never spare any efforts in assisting people in difficulties. With a dedicated team of hardworking volunteers, we aim to make every gloomy face happy with new hope, new lease of life. That is Punarjani,” said, Govind, co-ordinator of Punarjani Qatar and the one who is leading the humanitarian efforts of the organisation.
“We have been regularly visiting hospitals under Hamad Medical Corporation. We also co-ordinate to provide financial assistance to the needy and
low-income people; provide moral support for people in prison and co-ordinate their release from jail. Additionally, we are providing travel assistance for people at the deportation centre with the support of the Indian embassy and Qatar authorities,” he said.
Govind noted that Punarjani was the first organisation in Qatar to make arrangements to transfer a critical patient on ventilator to an Indian hospital. “He was accompanied by a medical team consisting of a doctor, a nurse and an assistant. Thereafter, we have repatriated nearly two dozens of patients who were in coma or critically ill and also for people who needed medical assistance at their native place in India. All this could be done with the constant support of Indian embassy, ICBF, HMC and community well-wishers,” explained the official.
He also highlighted that Punarjani provides many low-income patients at hospitals, especially those suffering from cancer or fractures with medical equipment, medicines and even financial assistance. He said the organisation has been reporting community issues to the Embassy of India in Qatar and other Qatar authorities directly and through Madad, a Government of India initiative, with constant follow-up until the issues are resolved.
According to Govind, Punarjani has also been proactive to help needy people especially those who need legal assistance. He pointed out several instances on how the organisation came to the assistance of Indians who were either trapped by their agents or those who were falsely implicated in legal cases and had to undergo imprisonment.
The volunteers of Punarjani also visit labour camps and provide assistance in finding jobs to those who have lost their jobs. Many unemployed were provided food and other necessities and in a specific case, the number exceeded more than 500.
“We have assisted in the deportation of the mortal remains of several Indian expatriates with the support of HMC staff and Indian embassy. During the Covid-19 pandemic, Punarjani distributed hundreds of food packages for needy people including other nationalities. We have also arranged free air tickets by chartered flight organised by Punarjani as part of the Vandhe Bharath Mission for needy people who were unable to travel back to India,” he recounted.
Moreover, Punarjani organises a blood donation campaign every six months in co-ordination with the HMC Blood Donor Center where 200-300 of its volunteers and well-wishers actively participate. Punarjani is also providing round-the-clock assistance to needy Indian citizens for embassy-related activities and has been extending a helping hand to several people working in unorganised sectors.
“In recognition of the humanitarian services, ICBF honoured our fraternity co-ordinator Govind with the prestigious K P Abdul Hameed Memorial Humanitarian Award in October 2020 which is an inspiration to the selfless volunteers of team Punarjani,” added an official of Punarjani.

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