Google joins QND celebrations with Doodle
December 18 2020 11:20 AM
Google Doodle

Google has celebrated Qatar National Day (QND) with a special Doodle on its homepage on Friday.
The doodle features a fluttering Qatari flag against a blue backdrop with the name Google written on a maroon panel.
The description reads, "Today’s Doodle celebrates Qatar’s National Day, an annual public holiday that commemorates the Arab nation’s freedom and unification. 
"Illustrated in the Doodle artwork is Qatar’s maroon and white national flag, which was formally adopted in 1971, the year the country declared its independence. The maroon colour – today called 'Qatar maroon' – is believed to date back centuries to the Bronze Age, when early settlers utilised local shellfish to create purple-red dye. The distinctive colourant became a popular export and was used in royal garments. 
"This colour has come to hold great importance to Qatar’s national identity and today serves as a symbol of the country’s cultural heritage and history.
"Happy National Day, Qatar!"

Last updated: December 18 2020 11:29 AM

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