Experts highlight efficacy of Ayurveda at webinar
November 20 2020 11:59 PM

Hailing the role of Ayurveda, a top executive of an international forum has urged Indian companies to invest and forge partnerships in Qatar’s nascent alternative medical branch that recently received licence for operations.
Speaking at an online event held to celebrate the 5th World Ayurveda Day, Yousif al-Jaber, International Business Delegation Summit chairman, said: “Qatar has recently opened doors for the ancient Indian medical science of Ayurveda. On behalf of IBD members, I encourage investors from India to forge partnerships with Qatari companies.” India’s Ministry of Ayush launched World Ayurveda Day in 2016.
Anchor Anu Sharma conducted Qatar’s first global healthcare webinar titled, ‘Ayurvedhodhayam - the Rise of Ayurveda’ organised by Qatarstories. In her opening address, Angeline Premalatha, Indian embassy counsellor, spoke on the efficacy of Ayurveda and thanked the Qatar government for granting license for Ayurvedic doctors to practice in Doha.
Ayurvedic and allopathic doctors from Qatar and India spoke on the scope and benefits of the old Indian medical science at the webinar. Representatives from Ayurvedic pharma and a wellness expert shared their experiences and the way forward for this branch of healthcare in India and Qatar.
During his presentation on ‘Global Investments in Health Sector’, al-Jaber said: “Qatari companies may think of investing in Ayurvedic companies in India if there is good business model.” Qatar spent QR22bn, around 11% of its budget, for healthcare in 2020, he said while highlighting Qatar’s healthcare initiatives like announcing health insurance for all government employees.
Speaking on the Ayurveda Day theme – ‘Ayurveda and Covid-19’ – Dr P M Varier, Kottakkal Arya Vidya Sala chairman, highlighted prevention, control and management of the pandemic. He lauded Qatar for being highly vigilant and said: “Hardcore measures are good for the society”. He mentioned India’s programmes and control measures to check the spread of Covid-19.
Longtime Qatar resident Dr Mohan Thomas, chairman of Cochi Medicity and Tourism, spoke on the rising prospects of medical tourism business in India that has grown from $3bn in 2003 to $8bn in 2019. “India offers great medical tourism options in all medical branches, not just Ayurveda,” he said.
Dr Rashmi M L, the first Indian Ayurvedic doctor to receive licence to practise in Qatar, hailed the Qatar government for introducing “new complementary medical practice like Ayurveda” in Qatar. “We need to spread awareness about the benefits of Ayurveda in Qatar, especially its preventive aspects because Ayurveda can make an impact on Qatar’s healthcare,” she said.
Dr G C Gangadharan, director of Ramayya Ayurvedic Hospital, spoke on the importance of integrative medicine (IM) and stressed its need because of Covid-19. “All modern medical sciences understand the IM language. There are individual efforts, but IM needs institutional support in India,” he said and suggested Ayurveda has to change its form to address the changing dynamics of health issues.
Dr Rajiv Vasudevan, managing director of Ayurvvaid Hospital, gave an outline of Qatar’s population and health data. He said Qatar’s current population is around 2.6mn and it grows at 1.7% and 88% of its population comprises expatriates, where 75% are males and 25% are females. Life expectancy is 80 years and 80% of the population is under universal health cover. On death data, he said, “Cardiac issues caused 24% deaths, diabetes (17%) and an alarming 28% because of road accident injuries.” He hoped for regulatory support from Qatar government for importing Ayurvedic medicines from India.
Ritika Patni, Singapore-based Ayurveda founder and CEO, spoke on the topic ‘Future and Mental Health Wellbeing’. She highlighted wellness and lifestyle benefits of adapting to Ayurveda as well as yoga, a complementary branch.
Dr Ram N Kumar, managing director of Nirogstreet, spoke on using the digital medium to spread awareness and to expand market of Ayurvedic products while speaking on the topic ‘Ayurveda Web Marketing’.
Dr D Ramanathan, managing director of Sitaram Ayurveda Speciality Thrissur, gave an overview of the Ayurveda industry while Dr Suresh Kumar of Triveni Nursing Home Trivandrum spoke on entrepreneurship and business development in Ayurveda.
Balaji, Qatarstories director, concluded the webinar by thanking participants and the Indian embassy in Qatar.

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