The dreaded disappointment
November 12 2020 12:30 AM
Shefa Ali
Shefa Ali

By Shefa Ali

This morning my husband and I met with a huge disappointment, something that we have been working extremely hard on the last couple of months, didn’t get the result that we were praying for.
Life has a way of throwing hard things at us, sometimes all piled on top of one another. To overcome life’s big disappointments, I remind myself that in the midst of the pain that each one presents opportunities for growth and re-alignment. 
Disappointment can be complex, it’s filled with emotions such as anger, hurt, sadness, and probably many others too subtle to identify. Sometimes, those emotions by themselves are easier to deal with, but disappointment can leave you really confused. 
Feeling disappointment is not necessarily an issue to be concerned about, but inability to deal with the emotions and to let go of the pain can become an issue. Dealing with disappointment takes a conscious effort. 
One of the best ways to be emotionally aware is to acknowledge your feelings about the situation that is disappointing you. Being honest with yourself first will allow you to talk to and to be honest with others. If you have a friend or confidant that you can discuss these feelings with, they may be able to offer some perspective on the issue. 
Disappointment has a way of leaving the person affected feeling anxious, as if in a constant state of turmoil, which is not conducive to our emotional well-being. 
Some days may be a little easier than others, but it is very important to learn to identify things that make you feel happy and at peace and to embrace them. Letting go of disappointment and of any anger or bitterness associated with it will free your mind of the turmoil and will help you to live a life of peace. 
It is human nature to hope and dream. It’s healthy to do so. However, when reality becomes mixed with illusion it is very easy to feel disappointed. When you are trying to figure out what is real, journaling can be really helpful. Write down facts and how they impact your life. Journaling and writing your feelings are a great way to express your feelings while maintaining privacy. 
Disappointment is inevitable. While it may not feel good at the time, experiencing disappointment and learning to overcome it can help prepare you for difficult situations later in life. Whether disappointment occurred because of a mistake you made, a missed goal, or poor personal choices, there is always an opportunity to learn and move forward.

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