A book a day keeps the problems away
November 12 2020 12:29 AM
Hala Bader al-Humaidhi
Hala Bader al-Humaidhi

By Hala Bader al-Humaidhi

Whether you are on a plane or sitting in a café, the best companion you will have is a good book. Back in the old times, when television channels were limited and social media didn’t exist yet, reading a book was one of the most entertaining things one could do, whether it’s a novel or a factional book. As students back then, I remember every school bag of my colleagues had a book to read in lunch time.
I will share with you five of the most beneficial books I have read till this day:

1. The seven habits of highly effective people by Stephen R.Covey. 
The seven habits in order are:
1. Habit 1: Be Proactive
2. Habit 2: Begin With the End in Mind
3. Habit 3: Put First Things First
4. Habit 4: Think Win-Win
5. Habit 5: Seek First to Understand, Then to Be Understood
6. Habit 6: Synergise
7. Habit 7: Sharpen the Saw

2. The power of now by Ekhart Tolle.
The book has sold over two million copies, the books basically shows you that every minute you spend worrying about the future or regretting the past is a minute lost, because really all you have to live in is the present, the now, and gives you actionable strategies to start living every minute as it occurs.

3. If I could tell you just one thing by Richard Reed.
The author gathers the most successful people throughout history and asks them for one advice they want to share with the readers.

4. Who moved my cheese by Dr. Spencer Johnson.
An incredibly helpful book on how to deal with change and adapt to it. A must read for anyone whose going through a restructuring in their job!

5. Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus by John Gray.
A book published in the year of 1992, which is a great guide on how to deal with the opposite sex. Research has proven that the book has resolved a lot of issues between partners, in where it made them understand on how each gender thinks and acts.
One might say “I’m not very fond of reading” or “I don’t have enough time”. I do get you! With our fast way of living nowadays, there is no time! But that shouldn’t be an excuse! Why? Because there are many applications on the tip of your hand that let you listen to the books you want instead of reading one. Next time you are driving to work, working out at the gym, or doing whatever it is that is keeping you busy, I suggest you download one of the applications and listen to a book! Trust me, you won’t regret it!

* The author is a consultant in Public Relations and Personality Types. Instagram: @Tipsbyhalahill

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