Covid-19 prevention at schools a success
October 19 2020 11:48 PM
Dr Yousef al-Maslamani, medical director of Hamad General Hospital
Dr Yousef al-Maslamani, medical director of Hamad General Hospital

Most of the Covid-19 cases discovered at schools in Qatar, came often from outside, Dr Yousef al-Maslamani, medical director of Hamad General Hospital, told Qatar TV yesterday.
"The rare cases that originated from the school environment are dealt with immediately," he explained in an interview while stressing the success of the strategy in this regard.
The safety of students are of utmost importance not only during the ongoing first mid-term exam, but also all through this school year, considering the exceptional circumstances due to Covid-19.
"There is close co-operation and co-ordination between the Ministry of Public Health (MoPH) and the Ministry of Education and Higher Education (MoEHE) based on proven scientific standards to guarantee the health and safety of students at every aspect of school life, right before boarding the school bus until the students exit the school at the end of the day.
"This strategy has proven to be highly effective and successful in protecting the students from Covid-19," Dr al-Maslamani added.
Mohamed Abdullah al-Maraghi, director of Health and safety Department, MoEHE, also told Qatar TV that the safety protocols adopted by the ministry alongside the MoPH, have proven very effective.
"There are also dedicated teams that conduct surprise inspection visits at different private and public schools across the country to make sure that these protocols are followed strictly at all times," he added.

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