Security Department is working to make 2022 World Cup a success
October 08 2020 10:42 PM
The MoI awareness seminar in session
The MoI awareness seminar in session

The Establishments and Missions Security Department is working with all the authorities concerned to make the 2022 FIFA World Cup success, a top official with the Ministry of Interior (MoI) told a virtual seminar. 
Maj Hamad Jaber al-Henzab, head of Private Security Companies Section, while addressing the MoI event, said the department has a key role in providing security for all international, regional and local sporting events, hosted by Qatar.
Titled ‘Duties and Responsibilities of the Private Security Guards and Services of Establishments' and Missions' Security Department’, the seminar highlighted the missions, taken up by the department to ensure safety and protection of various institutions and facilities in the country.
He explained the duties and responsibilities of private companies saying security and safety are the responsibility of all.
Capt Hassan Jebran al-Kaabi, officer, Inspection and Supervision Branch, elaborated on the duties and responsibilities of security personnel at commercial centres and outlets during Covid-19 pandemic.
“Safety of the emergency exits should be verified by the security personnel and traffic movement within the establishment should be ensured. Sanitisation should be carried out periodically and temperature of the customers should be checked,” he said. He also explained duties of private security personnel at residential complexes and added that security personnel are responsible for CCTVs in commercial, residential complexes and hotels.
Lt. Saleh Talib al-Athbah, officer, Permits Branch, Events Security and Security Patrols Section, detailed the approval requirements for events and parties.
Capt Hassan Rashid al-Rabie, Officer, Studies and Information Division of the Security Section, discussed the importance of public’s co-operation with private security personnel.
“Private security is considered as the second line after public security and as a fundamental element in maintaining security and safety. It covers important places such as hospitals, banks, schools and some of the diplomatic places while securing festivals and sporting events with public security personnel,” he said.
Capt al-Rabie added that some people are reluctant to abide by the instructions of the private security personnel regarding Covid-19 restrictions. He urged the private security personnel to immediately call the hotline at 2380124 or the operations number at 999 and warned of strict action against violators.

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