Life after the coronavirus pandemic
May 28 2020 12:59 AM
Hala Bader al-Humaidhi
Hala Bader al-Humaidhi

By Hala Bader al-Humaidhi

To many of us, pandemics seem like a thing of the past, an obsolete idea given the advancements in technology; or so we thought. With over 5,503,459 cases and more than 346,774 deaths, it seems like ages since the entire world was brought to its knees by the SARS-CoV-2 pathogen (more commonly known as the coronavirus). The question now is, for how long will this go on? Based on what scientists now suggest and the general trends pandemics have historically followed, it is highly probable that we might have to deal with this global issue for years to come. According to the efficacy of different measures taken by different countries and the current situation of vaccine development amongst other criteria, this is my take on what life will be like after the Coronavirus pandemic.

Our lives in general:
Based on how certain countries like Taiwan have managed to successfully control the outbreak, we can get an idea of how our lives will change to cope with this pandemic. A few changes we will see are:
1. Social distancing will have to become the new norm, use of precautionary measures such as masks, gloves and disinfectants etc. will become an integral part of our lives.
2. Personal hygiene will see new grown importance in the general public. 
3. Remote substitutes to education and even work will see a rise as discussed later on in details.
4. Awareness regarding mental health will also increase.
5. Air travel will see new rules and regulations based on social distancing and precautionary measures.

The Global Economy:
The economy as a whole has been dealt with an unexpected and severe blow by this pandemic. A few major aftereffects of the pandemic are:
1. An impending recession will be realised. We’ll see a huge dip in the global economy, however, the severity of it will depend on how we cope with the virus in general.
2. Since most of the industry is on hold right now, many businesses will fail to bounce back. This will again have a severe impact on the global economy.
3. Millions of people will be left unemployed due to the aforementioned issues. This will lead to countries spiraling down into poverty unless this issue is mitigated.
4. A plausible shift to a cashless economy

One of the biggest change we will see is in how businesses operate:
1. With the new remote working system in place, many businesses will have to rethink whether or not an office space is even required to maintain their businesses, and hence office spaces will become less common.
2. Most workers now see that their jobs can be completed from home, and with little to no effect on productivity, the work from home idea will catch up with most businesses.
3. Online businesses will see a huge boom given their reliable and scalable nature.
4. Again, with the increase in remote working, we will see a new wave of globalisation in the business world. People will be able to work remotely with others irrespective of their geographical locations.

Housing and Real Estate:
As for now, most countries have imposed the law that no tenants be evicted for the next few months based on the current situation. However, this pandemic will affect the housing and real estate sector in more ways than one, a few are listed next:
1. A general decrease in property value.
2. Little to no real estate business due to the economic repercussions of the pandemic.
3. With the new remote working experience, many people will move out of cities to either their hometowns or to more affordable places, given how businesses will now transform.

Changes in the Governing Systems:
Due to the pandemic, we can now see the negative aspects of many governing systems that we had readily accepted. A few of the most important ones are enlisted next, as well as the changes they will observe:
1. The healthcare system has been exploited the most during this pandemic. Our shortcomings within the healthcare system as a whole are now proving to be one of the leading issues during this period. After the pandemic, the healthcare industry will see a lot more development to ensure that any future issues can be dealt with in a better manner.
2. Workers’ rights will also see a shift towards new trends. The concept of the minimum wage and the importance of certain key worker roles will be reworked to ensure a proper reward system for everyone.

Environmental Changes:
Although there have been remarkable environmental changes during this pandemic, the truth is that all of this will be short-lived. As soon as the industry gets back to normal, the overall positive environmental change will be nullified. However, we might be more streamlined towards environmental conservation.

* The author is a consultant in Public Relations and Personality Types. Instagram: @Tipsbyhalahill

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