Need for good digital parenting felt more while staying at home
May 21 2020 11:23 PM
SUPERVISION: There are certain risks that come with frequent online activity of children, which is w
SUPERVISION: There are certain risks that come with frequent online activity of children, which is why parental supervision is important.

The novel coronavirus pandemic is not simply a health crisis. It has triggered a wave of change in human lives across the globe. The outbreak has dramatically changed the existing communication habits. The norm of stay-at-home is necessary to be safe but at the same time it is difficult to be isolated and not be able to see and meet friends. However, many people can cope better with self-isolation thanks to the advantages of technology.
One of the major concerns during the ongoing lockdown is that of parents towards the education and mental well-being of their children. With schools shut, children have much more time to spend online. They tend to play more games, chat to their friends and find ways to stay entertained while stuck at home.
This is why some parents are finding it hard to manage the screen time of their children. With everything online including education, parents are in a catch-22 position regarding how to dissuade kids from spending more time online. If controlled properly, the extra screen time can create no end of opportunities for school children to expand their knowledge. They gain more digital literacy and at the same time, have a host of amazing resources at hand that are educational as much as they are entertaining.
There are however certain risks that come with frequent online activity that include cyberbullying, theft of personal information, phishing and online predators. For parents, having to manage their children’s technology needs and online safety around the clock while balancing remote working responsibilities can feel overwhelming. 
In this situation, there is a need and search for some kind of guidance for digital parenting has increased. 
Community has gathered some of the best available suggestions for digital parenting. 
Elders need to control the location settings in a phone which could tell other users where the phone and the person using it are at that specific moment, as well as when and where a photograph was taken.
Experts have continuously been laying stress on monitoring the access to real-time video-calling services like IMO and TikTok. Although there are many positive uses, some children and teenagers can suffer from cyberbullying through the applications, and information or pictures shared privately might be sent on to other people. Further, it is always better to set up profiles for different users which are appropriate for their age and maturity.
It is advised to prevent children and young people from spending money online to purchase apps, music or games without permission. Restricted access to social networks and control over whether and how photos and videos can be shared can also be helpful.
Supervision, sensible limits and working with children are necessary to guide them safely in the digital world. Parents need to talk to their kids. They also need to educate themselves about the modern gadgets and technologies. Never stop using parental controls over the children. While using the control, set ground rules and apply sanctions for the children. 
It is always advised and appreciated by social media experts that the parents should become online friends of their kids and follow their activities without stalking them. It is also very important for parents to explore positive things and share online with children. To be a good digital role model is of foremost importance. Children tend to follow role models.
The quarantine times, no doubt, has increased the responsibility of parents when it comes to overseeing the digital activity of their children. It is however an opportunity also as parents can spend a lot more time with children and monitor their online activities as all tend to stay at home.

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