Tokyo Olympics may come before summer 2021: Bach
March 26 2020 12:33 AM
International Olympic Committee President Thomas Bach speaks after the historic decision to postpone
International Olympic Committee President Thomas Bach speaks after the historic decision to postpone the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games due to the coronavirus pandemic, in Lausanne, Switzerland, yesterday. (AFP)

Reuters Athens, Greece

The head of the global Olympic movement said yesterday the rescheduled Tokyo Games faced “thousands” of logistical and financial problems but could go ahead before summer 2021.
Though most people have assumed the Games will be held around roughly the same July-August timetable as they were planned for this year, International Olympic Committee (IOC) President Thomas Bach said earlier dates in 2021 were possible.
“The agreement is that we want to organise these Games at the latest in the summer 2021,” he told a conference call.
“This is not restricted just to the summer months. All the options are on the table including the summer 2021.”
The IOC agreed with Japan on Tuesday to the first postponement in the Olympics’ 124-year history due to risks from the coronavirus impact.
It was the last major international sporting event of 2020 to be cancelled, with many questioning why a seemingly inevitable decision took so long to make as the coronavirus epidemic raged around the world.
Athletes were sad but largely relieved, given disruption to their training. The decision was a huge blow to Japan, which has invested $12bn in the run-up, and presents a massive headache to reorganise logistics, funding and sponsorship.
Bach said he could not guarantee all elements of the Games would remain as initially planned. For example, he did not know what would happen with the athletes’ village, where apartments were set to be sold after the Games this year.
“This is one of the many thousands of questions this task force will have to address. We hope and we will do whatever we can so that there is an Olympic village, the village is where the heart of the Games beat,” he said.
Bach also warned the $12bn price tag for the Games would rise further, with additional costs for everyone involved.

“Our mission is to organise Games and make dreams of athletes come true,” he added. “We have no blueprint but we are confident we can put a beautiful jigsaw puzzle together and in the end have wonderful Olympic Games.”
Bach, a 66-year-old German lawyer and former Olympic fencing champion, also said outright cancellation was discussed, even though the IOC had long insisted that was not an option.
“Of course cancellation was discussed and considered like all options on the table, but it was very clear from the beginning that cancellation should not be something the IOC would in any way favour,” Bach said.
The IOC has come under heavy criticism in recent weeks from athletes and teams calling for the Games to be postponed and unhappy with the slow decision-making compared to other sports events.
Asked by a German reporter whether he considered resigning over his organisation’s handling of the issue, Bach said “No”.
In talks with athletes’ representatives and national Olympic committees last week, no-one opposed the IOC’s stance, he added. After repeatedly insisting the Games were on as scheduled, the IOC at the weekend announced a month of consultations over possible postponement, before seemingly bowing to global pressure for a faster judgement.
The body is due to start talks from Thursday with other global sporting bodies as moving the gigantic Olympics event has a knock-on effect for many other competitions.
“We are in an unprecedented situation. I guess these postponed Olympic Games will need sacrifices, will need compromises by all stakeholders,” he added.

Qatar Olympic Committee supports postponement of Tokyo Olympics

Qatar Olympic Committee (QOC) expressed its support for the decision taken by the International Olympic Committee in co-ordination with the organising committee for the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games to postpone the edition to next year.
The International Olympic Committee announced that it was studying all the options related to Tokyo Olympics 2020, after its “video conference” system meeting with the National Olympic Committees in the world and international federations.
The President of the International Olympic Committee Thomas Bach and Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe decided to postpone this edition to the year 2021 due to coronavirus.
On this occasion, QOC President HE Sheikh Joaan bin Hamad al-Thani said that the decision taken by the International Olympic Committee in coordination with the Organising Committee for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics to postpone the games to next year 2021 reflects the commitment of IOC to protect the health of athletes and all members of the Olympic family, and therefore, Qatar Olympic Committee supports this decision and affirms that, in the current situation given the spread of coronavirus (Covid-19), the decision to postpone was a responsible decision.
His Excellency added that through this decision, the International Olympic Committee and the Organising Committee for the Tokyo Olympics reassured the athletes in the State of Qatar and all over the world in these difficult times and removed the pressures regarding training and qualifying competitions.
His Excellency said that as the International Olympic Committee said, the 2020 Tokyo Olympics will be a source of hope for all of us, and there is no doubt that it will be a special edition as the world will celebrate the end of the coronavirus spread. (QNA)

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