Doha Bank launches local, international funds transfer digital service for corporate clients
February 01 2020 07:52 PM
Doha Bank
Doha Bank

Doha Bank recently announced the launch of its local and international funds transfer digital service for the corporate clients.

The local and international funds transfer service offers Doha Bank’s corporate clients the chance to process transactions to any beneficiary in local or international banks through its online banking portal, while benefiting from a 25% discount on transfer charges.

After the beneficiary details are entered and submitted, the client will be able to initiate and approve the transaction through ‘Tadbeer’ platform. The online bulk local funds transfer service provides corporate clients with the convenience of processing payments to multiple beneficiaries at the same time through Doha Bank' corporate online banking portal and without having to seek the branch’s assistance.

On the launch of the new services, Doha Bank CEO Dr R Seetharaman said, “Both the local and international funds transfer services give customers more autonomy when it comes to managing their transactions, as they facilitate the processing of payments to Doha Bank’s and other banks’ beneficiaries through a secure online corporate banking portal which will save the clients both time and effort”.

The new services boast a wide range of features such as spotting mistakes related to incorrect IBAN and other erroneous inputs. They also utilise OTP and password to ensure a secure way of making payments.

In addition to that, the system requires a maker, a verifier and an approver to guarantee that the payment is being authorised and sent by the designated user within the company, or business.

Doha Bank's chief wholesale banking officer Ala Abumughli said, “Doha Bank Wholesale Banking is on a digital transformation journey and in today’s fast-moving world, it is imperative for us to create simple digital solutions that offer efficiency and security to our corporate clients. The launch of the new services tends to the needs of business owners and offers them a secure way of conducting their transactions, such as fund transfers in a timely and efficient manner and to reconcile transaction records and history of outgoing payments.

“This service will come in handy for business owners who can now conduct further analysis of their payments using this capability. At Doha Bank, we are committed to developing simple and easy to use solutions that will cater to the evolving needs of our corporate clients and create a positive impact on their digital banking experience.”

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