Police Clearance Certificate now available through Metrash2
January 27 2019 11:28 PM
Brigadier Nasser Abdullah al-Mahmoud explains the features of the new service.
Brigadier Nasser Abdullah al-Mahmoud explains the features of the new service.


Citizens and residents can now obtain a Good Conduct (or Police Clearance) Certificate through the Metrash2 application or the Ministry of Interior (MoI) web portal, it has been announced.

The service has been launched by the MoI’s Criminal Evidence and Information Department (CEID) in collaboration with the General Directorate of Information Systems at the ministry.

In a related development, the CEID on Sunday opened an office for the issuance of Police Clearance Certificates at the Ministry of Administrative Development, Labour and Social Affairs (MADLSA) headquarters. The centre will benefit citizens wishing to obtain these certificates for employment in government agencies or to provide them to institutions abroad where local students are enrolled, the MoI said in a press statement.

The office has been opened in collaboration with the MADLSA.

An infographic to explain how to apply for a Police Clearance Certificate through Metrash2.

Brigadier Nasser Abdullah al-Mahmoud, director of the CEID, said the Metrash2 facility is an additional service available to all citizens and residents. What this service requires for applicants from outside the country is to have an ID number and a fingerprint stored with the department. Individuals can track the status of the application through the app as well, the statement adds.

This service is available for individuals, who can make a request for a Police Clearance Certificate for themselves or some family member through Metrash2 or the MoI website.

Besides Brigadier al-Mahmoud, Major Abdulaziz al-Ruwaili, assistant director of the Information Systems Department, and a number of MoI officers attended the launch ceremony.

Meanwhile, Abdullah Musallam al-Dosari, assistant undersecretary for Administrative Development Affairs at the MADLSA, said a Qatari student enrolled abroad could now avail of a certificate of good conduct through the new office opened at the MADLSA headquarters. This would help the students save a lot of time and effort in obtaining the certificate, he said.

This service would also be available to candidates for employment in ministries and various State establishments.

Brigadier al-Mahmoud said the office is intended to receive applications for Police Clearance Certificates from citizens applying for government jobs and Qatari students enrolled abroad. The decision was taken after monitoring the situation and observing the large volume of transactions that took place last year, numbering about 12,000. These cases reached the headquarters of the department for submission at the Ministry of Administrative Development, Labour and Social Affairs, along with the applications of 700 students from abroad, the statement noted.

On preparations made at the new office to carry out the task, Brigadier al-Mahmoud said the CEID has provided the office with all its needs, including trained staff. The office features two sections - one for women and another for men. Also, citizens whose fingerprints had not been saved earlier could complete the fingerprinting process and apply for a Police Clearance Certificate directly at the office.

The office will receive new applications and follow-up requests from 7.30am to 1pm, the MoI said in a tweet.


Friday، 03 July 2020 06:06 PM

Hello Sir/Madam, My name is Rosenni and a residence here in Canada. I would like to ask if I can apply a Police Certificate through Metrash2 App with my niece help who lives now in Qatar. Thank you so much! Your response is greatly appreciated.
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