Erdogan calls UAE minister impertinent in Ottoman looting row
December 21 2017 06:45 PM
Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan speaks during a ceremony in Ankara
Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan speaks during a ceremony in Ankara


Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan described the United Arab Emirates foreign minister as impertinent and spoiled by money on Thursday after he retweeted accusations that Ottoman forces looted the holy city of Medina during World War One.

Without naming him, Erdogan said UAE Foreign Minister Sheikh Abdullah bin Zayed Al Nahayan - who shared a tweet accusing Ottoman troops led by Fakhreddin Pasha of stealing money and manuscripts from Medina in 1916 - was ignorant.
"Some impertinent man sinks low and goes as far as accusing our ancestors of thievery ... What spoiled this man? He was spoiled by oil, by the money he has," Erdogan told an awards ceremony at his Ankara palace.
"When my ancestors were defending Medina, you impudent (man), where were yours? First, you have to give account for this," he added.
On Wednesday, Erdogan said Fakhreddin Pasha, who led the Ottoman forces, had not stolen from Medina or its people but strived to protect the city and its occupants during a time of war.
"Believe me, this man who insulted us, who disrespected us, wouldn't even know what the holy relics are. They are ignorant like this," Erdogan said.

UAE diplomat summoned


A Turkish foreign ministry official said on Thursday the United Arab Emirates charge d'affaires was summoned to the ministry over comments about an Ottoman commander retweeted by the UAE foreign minister.

Last updated: December 21 2017 07:27 PM

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