QIIB conducts fire drill at headquarters
October 23 2016 10:44 PM

QIIB has carried out an evacuation experiment at its headquarters on Grand Hamad Street.
The initiative involved the application of safety and security standards and came in response to instructions from the supervisory authorities, laying emphasis on readiness and the development of contingency plans in case of accidents, the bank said in a press statement.
The experiment included a virtual simulation of a fire, during which sirens were used and all customers, visitors and employees were evacuated from the building in accordance with safety and security procedures and based on a plan for such emergencies.
The safety and security team at the bank supervised the evacuation experiment at the headquarters by guiding the employees, visitors and customers towards the emergency exits, ensuring that everyone was out without any exception and that they did not use the elevators.
It also guided them towards the planned assembly points in case of any emergency.
“They responded very well to the plan and showed that they understood the steps to be taken in such cases,” the statement noted.
Ali Hamad al-Mesaifri, director of Human Resources and Public Services at QIIB, said: “We are delighted with the level of co-operation between members of the safety and security team formed by the bank and individuals who conducted the evacuation. We noticed commitment and compliance with the instructions during this sudden experiment, which reduces damage and losses in case of any emergency, God forbid.”
He stressed that the bank complied with all approved standards of risk management.
Further, al-Mesaifri expressed gratitude to everyone who participated in the evacuation experiment – including members of the safety and security team at the bank, other employees, visitors and customers who happened to be present when the experiment was carried out.

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