Sidra launches new paediatric clinics
September 20 2016 08:03 PM
Dr. David Sigalet, chief of surgery, Sidra
Dr. David Sigalet, chief of surgery, Sidra

Sidra Medical and Research Center (Sidra) has opened several additional paediatric outpatient clinics in September. The new paediatric clinics are: Infectious Diseases, Adolescent Medicine, Nephrology, Ophthalmology, Anaesthesiology and a Pre-Anaesthesia Care Unit.

Dr. David Sigalet, medical director of the Outpatient Centre and Department Chair of Surgery said, “We are very excited to be on track with the launch of more clinics and services at the Sidra Outpatient Clinic. We now have over 30 clinics, allied health and clinical services. This marks an important milestone as we prepare for our outpatient services to become fully operational by January 2017.”

“We are also working towards the launch of day surgeries soon. Our day surgery clinic will conduct minor surgeries and procedures and paediatric patients will be discharged on the same day. This is an exciting time for Sidra and more importantly a crucial service delivery for the children of Qatar who require specialist healthcare services,” he added.

The Infectious Diseases clinic will address paediatric infections including fever and rash based diseases, bone and joint infections, and complicated skin and soft tissue infections. The Adolescent Medicine clinc will focus on children from 14 years of age up to 18, and will see patients with such issues as chronic illness or disability, mental illness and behavioural problems, and eating disorders.

The Nephrology Clinic will address problems including renal disease, chronic kidney disease, and bladder dysfunction while the Ophthalmology clinic will provide multidisciplinary paediatric ophthalmic care for conditions related to the eye, orbit, and related structures. This includes retinopathy of prematurity– a retinal disease that occurs in premature babies; eyelid lesions, congenital corneal and lens malformations, congenital glaucoma and retinal dystrophies which affect visual functions.

The Anaesthesiology Clinic and Pre-Anaesthesia Care Unit will include pre-assessment and testing for children requiring sedation or anaesthesia for procedures currently being performed by Sidra doctors at Hamad Medical Corporation (HMC) hospitals.

While consultations with the Sidra surgical team are based out of the Sidra Outpatient Clinic, all surgical procedures and operations are currently being conducted at HMC hospitals.

The Sidra Outpatient Clinic is currently accepting referral based patients from HMC, Primary Health Care Corporation and the Qatar Foundation Primary Health Care Centre. Sidra is collaborating closely with other healthcare institutions in Qatar to expand the referral network as and when more clinics and services are launched.

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